31, May, 2019


Anjali Gupta
A dynamic personality with more than 35 years of experience in Montessori Teachers' Training & Early Childhood Education.
Sneha Ganguly
Center Co-ordinator

A very young charming lady,who is very flexible with every person.she can manage all situation in a light hearted way.she is well expertise with the child adolesence study.she has a huge control over many languages.

Debolina Banerjee

A lady with expertise knowledge in child adolesce sociology. She feels the problem of every student with the core of heart and solves it in a motherly way.

Ritusree Das
A smart,down to earth lady.she is specialist in handling special child(ASD,ADHD & SPEECH DISABILITY).she handles all the special child in a very smooth manner and tries to make them easy and normal like others by introducing her like their friend.
Pallabi Mukherjee
A charming lady with a zeal to shake hands with every little palms.she is a lady who gives the child an motherly environment.she encourages our Lilliput in various kinds of extra curriculum activities beside the studies.
Arpita Mondal
A lady with stout comment in her personality who can handle the children in a well mannered way.she tries to give them an environment of fun which is controlled by manners.she tries to find out the easiest path of teaching the students in a playway method.