31, May, 2019

Rules & Regulations

  • Fee is to be received from 1st to 7th every month
  • Students leaving the school must inform the School authorities in writing to get the SL.C.
  • The school is responsible for the students during school hours only
  • The student is not allowed to bring any expensive items
  • Any student can be removed by the school authorities on any of the following reasons;
    • Irregularity in attendance.
    • Behavior problems
    • Non-payment of School dues or non-obedience of School rules.

After formal admission of the child Admission Fees & tuition fees will not be refunded in any case.

Though the School will take all precautionary measures, it is likely that the student may get hurt or meet with any accident during their sport hours or the classes. The school authority will not beheld responsible for any unforeseen incidents